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Commissions Are Open!

Custom Commissions

Bust Up Full-Render: Starting at $60
Half Body Full-Render: Starting at $75
Full Body Full-Render: Starting at $90

Excellent for full paintings of your D&D characters and other OC's you may have! Includes basic background. Full render background available as an add-on.
I am also interested in doing things like Book Covers and other similar illustrations.

Profile Picture/Icon

Starting at $20
Add-Ons starting at +$5

Whether in an Animal Crossing or Avatar style with a twist, or my own personal style, I'd love to do a PFP for you! Base price includes simple background.


Solo Pokémon: Starting at $25
Add-Ons starting at +$5

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Kaijere Art's

1. Commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
You are allowed to
• Print for your own use or
• Post it online. You must credit me properly as @kaijereart
on any platform.

2. Commissions will be based on my art style, and those shown in the gallery and on my socials, not to emulate someone else's.

•I will draw: Real People, OC's,
Fanart, Couples, Pets,
Soft NSFW, Basic Items/Assets

•I won't draw: Excessive Gore, Hard NSFW,
Mech, Furries (aside from characters
like D&D Tabaxi etc.)

3.I retain the rights of my artwork. This means I can post them online, enter them in contests and use them in advertising. Unless specified ahead of time, the commission will not be assumed private. Please let me know if you want to keep it private!

4. I have the right to decline any commission for any reason.

5. I allow 2-3 revisions during the commission process.

6. It may take up to 1 week or 5 business days to complete a commission. For very busy times, there will be real time updates on the bottom of the page!


Currently I am only accepting commission payment via PayPal.
If you are local, we can arrange something else if desired.

1. Payment is non-refundable and must be done upfront through a PayPal invoice. 50% is required before starting a piece. The remaining half must be paid before I send the final piece. Tips are not required, but greatly appreciated!

2. Sending payment means that you agree with these T.O.S. Please be sure to read them before sending payment!

Kaijere Art's

1. Contact me via email ([email protected]) or by DM on any of my socials. Please tell me what type of commission you want in the initial inquiry as I have several styles I work in.

2. Describe to me what you want drawn in as much detail as you can (character pose/expression, body and clothing color/designs, background color or scenery etc.) and provide photo references of the characters, clothing and/or props. If you need help finding specific references (such as for armor, weapons etc.) we will discuss further!

3. A custom price will be sent to your PayPal email as an invoice once the description and commission is agreed upon. This will include any add-ons, or simply the base price as we will discuss.

4. Once payment is received, I will start your sketch. When finished, it will be sent for sketch approval. Once approved, a colored sketch will then be sent for you to request any further revisions. When the colored sketch is approved I'll start with the final piece.

5. Once completed, the remaining half of the payment must be sent if you chose to only pay 50% up front. I will then send a low res, heavily watermarked piece. You can request minor changes at this stage. Huge changes will incur an added fee.

6. Once the full payment is received, the final high res commission piece will be sent via email.

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